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Cool and Crazy Cats

Cool and Crazy Cats is a podcast about cats. Liani features interesting and fun topics such as cat breeds, how to care for your cat, and many more cat-related things. If you are a cat lover or want to be one this podcast is for you!

Oct 31, 2021

Hello, and welcome back to Cool and Crazy Cats this week! This week’s cool and crazy episode will feature one of the most fascinating wildcats on Earth, the loyal lion! Lions aren’t domestic cats, so you can’t really learn how to care for them. Instead of learning cat care tips and about feline temperaments, you’ll get to learn about a cat’s life in the wild! Today, you will get to learn about the lion’s habitat, origins, history, and many more interesting wildcat facts in this cool and crazy episode! Press play to learn more about cats today! Meow!

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